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Some of the best birding areas in Europe! Birding Andalucia, in Donana, Odiel Marshes, Sierra Pelada, Sierra Morena, the Straight of Gibraltar, the best Southwestern European migration path, La Janda… Hundreds or even thousands of birds of prey over your head! Thousands of storks! Waders of all types… Around 400 species of birds to see around the year! Spanish Imperial Eagle, Black-winged kite, Lesser kestrel, Golden eagle, Black Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Bald Ibis, White-Headed duck, Marbled teal, Great and little bustards, sandgrouses are just some of the birds on the list…

Andalucia is a great birding area all year long due to its geografical occurences. Situated in southern Europe with a nic mediterranean climate, it is a good wintering area for many birds such as cranes, storks, goose and many warblers. On the main migration path, you get some of the best spot in Europe to watch this show on direct! The strait of Gibraltar is the main migration path in Western Europe. Both spring and fall are amazing to assist it. And also, the diversity of landscape with strong range of altitudes between coastal areas and mountainous areas offer a greater diversity. You can go birding in totally different areas each day.

We propose guided tours with some of the best bird guides to help you out discovering all the beauty of our land, its wildlife and its landscapes. They will focus on the species you might be more interested in if there are some of your particular interest, and look for the best conditions to watch it. Many sites are quite good to see birds closely and get good pictures. We can also help you out to organise the logistics of your trip here.

Isla Cristina and Ayamonte marshes

Half day
Fishing paradise for birds and humans. From the curious village of Isla Cristina, the history of its fishing industry, its artisanal salt pans...
40 €/pax (4 pax min.)

Eastern Donana

[Cita align = «center»] You visited Doñana in Huelva province, and in Sevilla province. But you still can visit Eastern Donana in Cadiz Province!...
65 €/ pax (4 pax min.)

Huelva and Condado countryside

Half Day
Between wood pasture, sunflowers and cereal fields, white village and fortress. We drive on rural pists. The landscape change from cultivated...
35,00 €/pax (4 pax min.)

Breña of Barbate marshes

Full day
Nice diveristy of landscapes. We drive to the marshlands of Barbate and go around with a pist. Waders scattered all over the salt pans. Amongst...
70 €/ pax (4 pax min.)

Iberian lynx in Donana

Full day
You meet with your guide in your hotel in Mazagón, or directly in El Rocio. You will start on a tour inside the national park and in private...
75 €/ pers. (4 pax min.)